Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Blog-Talk Radio Interview! :)

A new day-a new chance. Trying to live each day as authentically as I can. Life brings us through so many phases. I used to feel like I wore multiple hats--Mom hat, wife hat, friend hat-- all of these were who I was, but I slid in an out of different characteristics of them depending on who I was with. When I had four screaming kids around me, Mom hat was firmly in place. So much so, that when I'd get together with my friends and all our kids, I struggled because I still wore Mom hat.  I so loved my time out with my friends without kids. That's when I really recharged. Can anyone relate to that?

And as the kids grow, I see another hat returning. One that is more "me," less about a job. Sort of like an old friend.  I'm delving into new areas with conviction. What do I really believe? What really interests me? What are my fears, and are they really founded?

One thing that is consistently important to me is God, my family, and wanting to reach other people who are needing some encouragement. I love reminding people that they are amazing, valuable, talented, and way stronger then they realize.

So it's kind of cool in this season of life to get an opportunity to do that. I was on another blog radio talk show- the Parker J Cole show- .

In other news, I published the sequel in my fiction series, Out of the Wreckage. This series has been awesome for me to write.... I finally get to explore other people resolving painful pasts and moving forward.

Just another rambling post- my diary on line I suppose. :)  Have a great day. ((((((big hug to anyone who needs one)))))))

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