Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I just returned from the Grand Canyon. Wow... words can't describe what I saw. It was so massive it sent zings down my spine every time I looked into it. I had to look away to give myself a break every few minutes. I've never seen a picture that comes close to representing how amazing it is. 

The platforms were crowded with people, but all the sounds were muted because the canyon's depth just swallowed up noise.

The colors were incredible. Layer after layer of brilliant, contrasting colors woven like a Native Indian blanket.

Across from my platform where I clung white knuckled to the metal fencing was a huge peak. Below it was another peak that was really the top of an enormous mountain.

The fence was secured right at the edge of the canyon cliff.  When the other tourists leaned over it to look down I had to look away.  A few spots on the edge are lined only with huge, flat boulders. My husband wanted to take my picture while sitting on  one. I perched on the edge like a bird, ready to fly off, while feeling whiffs of the canyon breeze at my back.


Have you ever been there? What famous places have you visited?

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