Friday, August 1, 2014

Ahh time is going fast and my blog has been neglected Where have I been? I've been editing like crazy! I am super excited because book 2 should be released within the next few days.


This one is called Lost No More, and it's super special to me, because this one is from my husband's point of view, and his journey.

A lot of relationships and marriages today are made from two broken people, and what they've overcome, or are trying to overcome.  Relationships aren't easy, and it's not just because we are 2 different people. A lot of us, maybe most of us have old tapes, old words that get hit in our new relationships. It takes time to sort that all out.

One thing that I remind myself when fighting with my spouse is that he isn't my enemy. I'll even tell him that out loud, to remind the both of us-lol.

Since I'm already rabbit trailing, here is my other best marriage tool: Do-overs.  Sometimes we get into fights and I have no idea how we ended up where we are. Rather than try to sort it out and work it through, one of us will just call for a Do-over. It really helps.

Lost No More isn't about marriage, but about a journey one boy took to find truth. I'm going to have it on sale the first week it's out to thank all of my readers who've been such a great support to me!

Thanks for reading my messy blog, and have a great day!