Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring has sprung.  It always starts inside the house, I don't know why. Suddenly, my house feels stuffy, looks crowded, and the windows all jump out at me to be cleaned. I see junk everywhere, and have this overwhelming urge to throw it all out.  Clutter seems like it multiplied overnight, and mocks me from shelves, cupboards, dressers and closets. Ahhhhh!

Time to clear things out and take multiple visits to Good Will to drop things off. Why do we have an old lollypop ring under the couch? Who stuffed all these papers on this shelf? How did every single pen in the junk drawer run out of ink?

The clothing in the closets seemed to have conspired to shrink on the same day. A million socks ran away, leaving their poor twin to roam either in the laundry room or on the floor of the kids rooms. The space under the beds has become a breeding ground of chaos. I don't even dare to look under the kids beds without being armed with at least a broom handle.

I must visit Costco and buy paper towels, windex, and dusters. I should add carpet cleaning solution to the list, mopping solution, and industrial strength garbage bags.


I need a cup of coffee to contemplate the task of spring cleaning. Maybe a cookie.

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