Thursday, February 6, 2014

My pellet stove is cranked and I have a fire burning in the fireplace. Its 64 degees in my house. BRRRR! Are you snowed in where you're at?

I read about a blog the other day that has a bucket list... it's all things to do for other people. Isn't that cool? So the bucket list had things like, pay for someone's coffee, meal, give someone a flower.

Every now and then on facebook someone will talk about how the person in front of them paid for their coffee in the drive-thru. It really makes an effect.

I think we forget the positive effect we have on other people. We can get so down on ourselves. If we are going through a hard time we think we must be burdening other people. The truth is we like helping other people, so if you are in a spot where you need a listening ear or encouragement or other help, people do like giving it to you!

In the same way, the smile we give to each other, the listening ear we give, it all means something. It shows we see value in the other person.

Is value a weird word? I use it because there are so many things in this life that like to pound us that we have no value (not skinny enough, not smart enough, don't look like everyone else).

I'm using my sappy moment this week to say You have value. You are a blessing and I'm glad you're here. :D

(ps you know I mean it. I don't say things I don't mean :) )

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