Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Book

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Do you have plans? Mine are pretty simple this year. We are going to watch the town's firework display from the back hatch of the car. Maybe I'll buy a sparkler. LOL

In other news, I've been writing like crazy and my sequel is going great. It's going through editing right now. Editing can be a bear, but there is a tentative date to publish in August! Wooohoooo! I am really excited about this one. Hope you all like it!

To break up my writing (aka sitting all day) I thought I'd clean the carpet.  Our cleaner recently broke, so I decided to use this powder you scrub in the carpet. OH MY gosh..... It took 2 hours to scrub the carpet. By the time I vacuumed I hardly cared any more if it was clean or not.

It turned out okay.... I don't recommend it.

Well, that's my  news for today. Have a safe Independence Day!

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