Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today has been a crazy day.  I am finishing what I hope is my final (har har har) edit on my book.  Exciting times. I'm also beta reading a lovely book written about surviving abuse. WOW I think it's so helpful hearing how someone overcomes hardship- it's encouraging, and real, and reminds all the rest of us that there will be beauty coming from our ashes too.

It's hard to find people to be real with our struggles, but it's good to find them too. None of us have it all together. We all have our crap- seriously, think of anyone you admire... I promise, they have their own serious struggles too.

That's why comparing ourselves to others is so poisoness. We think we know them, and we definitely know ourselves and our crap, so we look so much worse then they do, and they look like they have it all together. In the mean time, they are doing the same comparison with someone else.

I admit, I don't have my stuff together, I struggle... there's areas I need to be healed in that I want to be encouraged in, and areas I've been healed in that I want to share to encourage others.

Step by step, we're getting there :)

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